Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sierra Leone – Virgin territories: A new market for innovative investment.

I've been in Sierra Leone for close to three weeks now and so far it has been great. I am here doing several things: 1. working as an intern for the Office of Prosecution at the United Nations Special Court for Sierra Leone 2. scoping out investment and entrepreneurship opportunities for Transitional Trade 3. helping organize TAN CON SL, whose theme is above "Sierra Leone – Virgin territories: A new market for innovative investment" (trying to get in some much needed rest and relaxation by going to the beach every other day is also high on my agenda).

So far, working on an appeals case at the Court is needless to say, interesting. As a transactional attorney now working on a litigation matter, it is great to put into practice skills I haven't really used since law school. It is also great to see a practical application of international law. I'll deal more with the Court at a later date.

Sierra Leone is not only very peaceful, it is very beautiful and there is great investor potential. This post conflict country has opportunities in reconstruction as well as construction in different sectors such as infrastructure, agriculture, tourism, telecommunications, water etc. Name it and there is probably great potential. As we organize this year's conference, we not only aim to highlight what Sierra Leone has to offer, but I also aim to engage investors and would be investors in dialogue about the importance of social investment in Africa as well as corporate social responsibility.

I'll continue to post as I can, but for now, I bid you farewell from sweet Salone.

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