Thursday, February 12, 2009

Conflict and Investment in Madagascar

I have been waiting for mainstream US media to put the spotlight on the violence in Madagascar, but nothing. Many of my Twitter friends are doing a great job of providing updated information otherwise I wonder if I would have even know about the conflict. Then again, it took years for the crisis in the Congo to receive continuous attention in the New York Times. I am not a fan of highlighting only the negative aspects of Africa, but I think it is important to inform citizens of the world of what is going on.

With violence comes detrimental consequences. The latest in Madagascar is a potential pullout by South Korea of funding for a farming project. What should an investor do when the country they are looking to invest in is unstable? How soon after conflict should an investor invest? Who is to say that the violence won't remain localized and not even affect the area where the farm was to operate?

I shall continue to keep the people in Madagascar in my thoughts.

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